How to make money from home in India | Part 1

First of all, welcome dear friends. We have collected some information about home based income. So, you can easily learn How to make money from home in India. After that, you can easily make money at home. So, keep reading we describe some ways to earning. People thought online earning is fake. But this is not true. many people earn much money from the internet. Few ways are for you to earn.

How to make money from home in India
Online Earning

There are many types of work on the internet. But we cover major three earning ways. Also, we discuss all hidden tricks of earning. Keep reading the earning ways. Friends, we know this post is fully about How to make money from home in India.

3 ways of How to make money from home in India

Here discuss how to earn money online. There some major ways to earn money from the Internet. As per requirements some ways are appearing like

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing

Blogging | How to make money from home in India

First of all, Blogging is a major part of online earning from home. So, people can choose Blogging as a carrier option. Also, Blogging is a high earning way. Top blogger of India are Earning is around 50 lakhs per month. So, anyone can earn money by blogging. The Secret tips of earning from Blogging exposed below.

Secret Blogging Tips for more earning | How to make money from home in India

According to 2019 there many bloggers in India. So, here we have to face some competition. To Earn money faster from Blogging we have done some smart work. so, what is smart work? Where we say some smart work of blogging. We have to find a niche not only niche. But also a micro niche after that we have to buy a domain. If you have no money to buy domain then Sub-domain is available for free. So, now is time to host your blog. If you have no much money to buy Hosting. So, you can go with for free web hosting. So, Here is an important path you can make blog free and also, can make by investing money.

There are two phase of blogging for beginners. Also, people can invest money to make blog. But also, people make blog without invest ment

  1. Zero Investment Blogging- When you have no money to invest in your blogging carrier. So, you have an option to make a blog with Google company. here you can use their Sub-Domain and there free Hosting. But one thing is the demerit of Free Blogging. You have to work hard and you have to choose a zero competition Micro-niche. To earn from your blog.
  2. Investment Blogging- When you have some money start your blogging carrier. You can buy hosting and a Domain related your Micro-Niche. After that, you have to go with WordPress. So, can grow faster and earn much money.

By Investing Rs1000 rupees you can start a blogging carrier full guide watch the below video

Steps For Blogging | How to make money from home in India

Whenever you think How to make money from home in India. Then you have to follow some Tricky Steps to make money. These are below steps.

  1. Choose a Particular Micro-Niche. This a great benefit for your blog. So, first choose your Micro-Niche.
  2. Buy Top Level Domain according to your Micro Niche. the suggestion you can buy “.com” for worldwide ranking of your blog.
  3. Choose a unique Theme for your blog. When you choose your blog theme must check that Theme has mobile Responsive. You can use premium Theme also, you can use free There but free Theme may have problems to Ranking factor in Google. For Better Ranking, you can use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  4. Create Some pages like Privacy Policy, Terms, and Contact Us in the menu for proper Navigation in Mobile Version.
  5. Proper Keyword Researching- Keyword or Micro-Niche is the base of your blog. So, you have to choose a Keyword that has more Search in Google but Competition is Zero. That means many people Search this term in Google. But no article related this Keyword. Ex- Let many people search about Narendra Modi Biography but no such article on this keyword then you can create a post with this Keyword
  6. After Keyword Researching you have to write some post for your blog. When your blog has 30-50 no. of posts. You can apply for Google Adsense.
  7. After getting Approval from Google Adsense you can place Advertisement on your blog and your earning will started.
  8. If your article is helpful and meaningful and more people engaged with your post then you will be rich soon.

YouTube Earning | How to make money from home in India

This is a very popular work in India. Many YouTuber of India earn Lakhs of money per month. Here you have to create video content and have published on your Channel. So, this is very simple work.

First of all, you have to choose a topic then you have explained it to the audience by your video. So, this is second tips for How to make money from home in India.

How to make money from home in India
Make money online

First of all, you have to buy some gadgets to record your video. Like you have any camera. If you have smart phone with high mega pixel camera. Then you can record your video on your mobile. also you have need micro phone to record your voice. After that you have complete your video by some editing. Then publish it on your channel.

Steps For YouTube | How to make money from home in India

There are few simple tricks for YouTube earning. Where as you have to invest some money for YouTube. Then Keep follow these Tricks for more Earning.

  1. First of all, buy a Good quality Camera for better result. But you can start up with a small investment and you have to buy a Microphone, Tripod stand, mount. After buying you can start recording your video.
  2. If you want to create a great impression on your audience. So, you have to edit your video. Then you have to buy editing software.
  3. After that most important tips. Keep uploading video daily. when you create a video then you have set a question mark topic inside the video.
  4. As YouTubehas some condition for monetization. So, you have to reach the condition. Then Google Adsense playing Ads on your video. So, you can earn from your video.
  5. Try to catch more subscriber by your video. If your video got more views your earning will rise upward. So, the second method for How to make money from home in India ends here.

Affiliate Marketing | How to make money from home in India

when we listen to the terms Affiliate Marketing. Then we have a question what is Affiliate Marketing? So, many people know about Affiliate marketing. But some never know it. In Single word, Affiliate Marketing Means a System of Broker or the middle person between the seller and the buyer. The middle person paid from the seller person. So, this is a popular earning way on the Internet.

Learn the steps how you can earn money by Affiliate Marketing. Also, how it comes with How to make money from home in India. As many seller companies are now selling their product online. so, they keep an Affiliate Option. So few tricks for affiliate Marketing.

If you want to do affilite marketing then keep follow the formula to earn more money.

  • First of all, you have to choose the product that you want to do affiliate marketing.
  • Choosing the product take it as a Micro-niche. After that, you have to create a website or blog or social media pages and review on your YouTube Video.
  • When people come in your blog social media pages. Then you have to promote the product link. If people promoted on your advice and the product. You will receive the commission by the seller website.

This is the largest ways to income money. so have some collection of site name that provides Affiliate marketing. so, many online shopping sites and web hosting providers and storage seller companies. the list are below

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeals
  • eBay
  • shopclues
  • Resellerclub
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • Dropbox

Above site are providing Affiliate Marketing. and many other companies are also providing Affiliate marketing. So, there is a great future of Affiliate marketing because the online buyer is increasing rapidly.

ConClusion Of How to make money from home in India

This Is all about the How to make money from home in India. So, choose the top ways of earning. in the next part we will expose all online earning method. So, if you have any problem then you can comment below. also, if you have any suggestion then give your suggestion.

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